askHow long will it take for a website to be completely done?

      The span of doing the job varies according to the type of project that you want us to do. Usually it takes 1 to 2 weeks. But for complicated websites, it may take a little longer.

      askDoes Star Web Designer outsource web designers?

      We never do outsourcing at Star Web Designer. All of our web designers and technicians are directly hired by the company and passed through meticulous screening to make sure that they really qualify in this job. With our hiring process, we can ensure that we are able to give the quality service to our clients consistently.

      askHow will you make my website effective?

      We, at Star Web Designer, specialize in internet marketing. Thus, with our extensive knowledge and efficient techniques, we are able to create traffic to your websites. This includes application of Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click Marketing.

      askHow much does it cost?

      We offer our first rate web design services for a very affordable price. It is a competitive one that surely suits your budget. We do not have hidden charges. When we quote, all taxes are already included. Thus, you only have to pay the amount that we declare in our quotes.

      Every project varies according to the number of pages. Thus, you will be billed based from the comprehensiveness of the project.

      askWhat do you mean by URL?

      URL stands for “Universal Resource Locator”. This is usually coined as the web address that you type to view a certain web page on the internet.

      askWhat is a domain name?

      Domain name is the specific website address that you are going to have (eg. YourDomainName.co.uk)

      askWhat will I do to acquire your service?

      All you have to do is fill out the form or give us a call 0752-877-67-64. We will respond to your queries and needs immediately.

      askWhat do you mean by site maintenance?

      It is service to keep your site updated by new web contents you provide. An effective website updates its site with fresh contents thus keeping your customers view your site constantly.

      askWhat information do I have to put on my site?

      It depends entirely on your goal. If you are a service provider or a company that sells products, details about your company and your services or products must be the core of the site. You may also put other features that might help in convincing your customers to acquire your services or products.

      askWhat if I am not satisfied with your job, will you do it again?

      Customer satisfaction is our priority, that's why we have 100% satisfied clients

      Usually, during the course of our operations, we always keep you updated with the progress of the project. Thus, from there, you would be able to assess whether you like the outcome of our initial work or not. At this phase, we work hand in hand with our clients to make sure that everything that we do has approval.

      askWhat forms of payment do you accept?

      Star Web Designer accepts cash, bank transfer, PayPal or credit card payments.

      helpStill Need Help?

      If you can’t find the answers to your question, feel free to contact our awesome support team.

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