• Google PPC Management

      Google PPC Management

      What is PPC and how does it work?

      Pay Per Click (PPC) or Google Adwords Marketing is one of the most effective strategy to find new customers. It ensures your company’s visibility to clients when they are ready to purchase your products and services. Technically, it helps you attain your targeted market by leading them to your site instead to your competitor’s site.

      With specific keywords directly related to your business, the customer’s searches on paid sponsor’s search engine section will lead them directly to your site. They can easily access your website as it is one of the companies primarily listed on that search engine. Thus, it will increase traffic to your site which will then be an opportunity for you to increase in sales.

      Pay Per Click Management (PPC) may have similar output with the so-called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). However, it is quite different when it comes to its features and the process of how it really works.

      Our PPC Management Services

      The complications of this service have brought us a good name in this industry. This is because we were able to handle it efficiently and professionally through our team of experts. Our Google PPC Management Services include:

      Google Adwords Marketing

      • Periodic reporting and analysis
      • Extensive Planning
      • Strategy and plan implementation
      • Account monitoring
      • Optimisation
      • Analysis Search Queries
      • Comprehensive keyword review and monitoring
      • Troubleshooting
      • Other PPC services suitable to your budget

      To find out more about our ingenious solutions, please contact us at 0752-877-67-64

      Google Adwords is cost effective

      Google Adwords is one of the most ideal ways of marketing your company. The catch is to know the exact keywords that your customers would probably use in searching for service providers like you. Star Web Designer can generate a keyword analysis that can be useful in reaching your targets. It will be our pleasure to help you in any way we can at a very reasonable rate.

      Benefits of our fully managed PPC service

      Having our PPC Management Service may be the best decision you ever made for you and your company. We will never fail you and we will never disappoint you. Here are the benefits you could have with our PPC Management Service:

      • We give our every client the liberty to choose form our different packages that would surely fit their budget and their company’s needs. Amidst the different packages, whether it is low cost type or an expensive one, we still give our clients the quality service that they deserve. We give equal treatment to every client.
      • Our customers could have access on our services on line. In this way, we keep them updated and on track of the progress of the project. We provide them with reports and analysis that are conducive for their growth and success.
      • We always assist our clients in every project. If our clients are not familiar with PPC, we provide them with training. There will be reviews that are to be conducted periodically to keep them updated and competitive.
      • The account that we are managing is completely owned by your company. If the contract is fully complied with, you can have your account back and you can manage it yourself.

      Do you want your website to be effective and attract more visitors? We can help you with that. Just give us a call at 0752-877-67-64 and you’ll surely have what it takes to be the best.

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