• Search Engine Optimisation

      Search Engine Optimisation

      What is SEO?

      Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is said to be the best online marketing strategy for business entities who aimed to increase their profitability through high visibility in websites. It is a cost effective way of creating leads and traffic to your website because the results being generated on the search engine are not paid for.

      SEO is an effective way of converting mere viewers and visitors into your valued customers. In this way, your website will be like selling hotcakes because of the high probability of customer conversion.

      Our Services

      As a leading SEO Service Provider, we, at Star Web Designer, have a team of knowledgeable experts who can provide these types of services at the highest possible standards. Our services are sure to generate best results for your company. These include:

      • Professional account manager
      • Periodic report on performance
      • Keyword research and review
      • Comprehensive analysis on web
      • Optimisation

      You can always be assured that our team would be able to meet and exceed your expectations because of their skills and extensive knowledge. We have already made many companies happy with our services. Let us help you. Give us a call at 0752-877-67-64.

      How we do it – the SEO Process

      To be effective in our services, we always follow a specialized process. This is to ensure that we are able to apply adequate techniques to every particular case. This is how we do it:

      • We do on site optimisation. This is to increase the speed on pages and target the site with the exact keywords.
      • We develop contents of your websites. This is to give your site a powerful content that is capable of being searched easily.
      • We help you increase your sites social engagement such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter and many more.
      • We build links to your site to facilitate an effective and good flow.
      • SEO Code of Ethics

      In the industry of SEO services, there are existing guidelines and code of ethics that are needed to be followed.

      There is what we call the “Black Hat SEO Techniques” that are not tolerated in this business. Such tactics may be hidden text, cloaking, paid links, content scraping and doorway pages. The sites that have employed these tactics will be penalised and be removed from the index for a specified time.

      As a professional and honest company, we aim to abide with these guidelines and code of ethics. We promote “White Hat SEO Techniques” as the ideal optimisation method. This may not be specified in our contract but we do this for goodwill.

      The difference between SEO and PPC

      SEO are known as the organic results generated on search engines. These are the listings that can be found at the left side of the page. PPC on the other hand are the ones that appear on top and at the right side of the page. The results from PPC are paid ads, that is why they have their special location of the page.

      However, studies show that most of people who use search engines follow the listings of organic results. In this case, SEO method is really efficient and ideal to every business entity.

      Paid listings through PPC achieve results instantly compared to the organic listing, which is much more difficult to generate. The catch is, the moment you run out of budget, your website will automatically disappear from the paid listing. Unlike with SEO, whose purpose is to achieve a high rank in the listing naturally, the website will not disappear completely.


      Would you like to rank your company with the world class ones? Give us a call right away at 0752-877-67-64 to arrange for your website’s total transformation.

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